Latvija – Lietuva 2019

Disku golfa spēles – diskgolfo varžybos




Two Baltic nations, pretty close geographically and by the level of development of disc golf –  Latvia and Lithuania – meet to know each other better and to compete for the Latvia – Lietuva Cup. The winner shall be decided by the results of all the participants. Players of any level are invited, come and experience the thrill of representation of your country in the international competition!

In 2018 Latvia won the cup with overall result 98:80 (66:31 in Riga and 32:49 in Vilnius)

Pics from 2018 final stage in Vilnius and final results  *  Vilnius stage results

Pics from 2018 Riga stage  * Riga stage results


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Format of the competition

Two one-day tournaments, PDGA-C tier

  • 9Hill/Talsi, September 15 (Sun); PDGA title: Latvija v. Lietuva 2019 – I – Talsi
  • Pavilniai/Vilnius, September 29 (Sun); PDGA title: Latvija v. Lietuva 2019 – II – Vilnius


Personal competition:

  • PDGA Open
  • DGmetrix 800-859
  • DGmetrix up to 799


Countries’ competition – head to head:

  • DGmetrix 860+
  • DGmetrix 800-859
  • DGmetrix up to 799

Player’s rating on the day after the end of registration shall determine his or her DGmetrix division.



Max number of players per stage is 72.

Equal number of spots (36) is reserved for players from each country in the first registration stage. 30 spots shall be distributed on “first come, first served” basis  + 6 spots by  personal invitations of organizers (Skirmantas and Kalvis)

1st stage registration

  • from 1 June to 25 August (Talsi)
  • from 15 June to 8 September (Vilnius)

For those who do not fit the quota, waiting list shall be established.

2nd stage registration

  • from 26 August to 10 September (Talsi)
  • from 9 to 24 September (Vilnius)

In the second stage players from the waiting list shall be accepted (with priority to earlier registrations). Later every player will be eligible for registration on the first come, first served basis.

If free spots are available, players with late registration may compete personally, but not in the head-to-head competition.

Non LT and non LV players shall be registered to the waiting list. They will compete personally if spots are still available after the deadline of 2nd registration.

Non-nationals are players, who have no LT or LV citizenship and have no permanent residence for at least 18 months.

Link to metrix registration

Head-to-head scoring

Players from both teams shall be listed in metrix divisions from highest-ranking to the lowest and paired accordingly (LV top player vs. LT top player, etc.)

The winner in a pair earns three points for his country, the loser earns one point. In case of draw both players earn two points.

The player, who has no pair, earns one point if his or her result is better than average result of all players of opponent team in his or her division.

In case of no show up or withdrawal after the establishment of pairs, the missing player shall be replaced by his/her team mate from the same division who has the highest rating among players without pair. If there is no player without pair in that division to replace missing player, the opponent of the missing player earns 2 points for his/her country.

Tie between countries

In case of tie between countries after both stages, two best players from each country shall play sudden death until the player or players of one (winner) country are left. The best player = player with the best result in the current competition.



The winner country shall be awarded with the transferable cup.

In every stage top three players in each PDGA division and Metrix divisions 800-859 and up to 799 shall be awarded with trophies and prizes.


MPO FPO Metrix 800-859 Metrix up to 799
1st place 50 Eur 45 Eur 45 Eur 3 discs
2nd place 40 Eur 32 Eur 32 Eur 2 discs
3rd place 30 Eur 20 Eur 20 Eur 1 disc


A player, who wins award in MPO/FPO, may not receive award also in metrix division. If player finishes in top 3 of both PDGA and DGmetrix divisions, awards in DGmetrix division shall be moved down by one place.

Amateur player, who will not accept money prize (to avoid Pro status), shall receive a number of discs (see metrix up to 799).

In case of tie for awards, players shall play sudden death two baskets from the basket determined by the  TD. If players still even, CTP shall be played. If players are tied for 2-3 places and both agree accept money, their prize money shall be split equally; in this case they will play only CTP only for trophies.

Winners of CTP and longest put shall be awarded.

Every first time participant (in 2019 competition) shall be awarded with a souvenir.



  • 15 eur for everybody
  • reduced fee 10 eur for players born in 2001 and later.



Vilniaus diskgolfo klubas

  • Skirmantas Bikelis skirmantas.bikelis eta +370 600 02517


  • Kalvis Fridenbergs kalvisfridenbergs eta